A project for magical meals

Kvarken is an exciting region for anyone looking to experience a memorable meal. Here, the project Travel & Dine has worked for three years together with 48 companies to meet the high meal demands set by the guests.

For the guests, the meal is about more than just satisfying their hunger. Good food, environment, table setting, raw produce, preparation, serving, hosting, product knowledge, storytelling, etc. together create the overall experience that the guests take away with them, tell others about and want to return to. Travel & Dine has worked to develop all this, which in turn has increased the effects of tourism in the Kvarken Region. Travel & Dine has strengthened the region’s brand for quality meals ― Gastro Botnia.

The project Travel & Dine started in autumn 2008 and ended in November 2011. During these three years, much has happened. For example, Gastro Botnia has taken part in several fairs, including Österbottens Stormässa in Finland, Resemässan in Helsinki, TUR Trade Fair in Gothenburg, Matfesten in Skellefteå and Matmässan in Kauhajoki. The member companies have taken a trip to see raw produce in Västerbotten and Österbotten, a course on cutting up meat and making sausages and other processed meats, courses in marketing and making chocolate creams, and much, much more.

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Summary of Final Report (.doc)
Summary of Final Report (.pdf)